Ability to Add Credits/Attribution to Effects

I think it would be extremely useful if there was a way for creators to manually add attribution notes to their effects, almost how attribution is automatically given to assets when imported from AR library, but if we also had the option to add in our own attribution in addition to the ones that are already automatically added. There are so many assets available on Sketchfab and other sites that would be very useful to creators if the size was just a little less or if the model was adjusted just a bit, and although many of the licenses allow for edits to the work, they still require attribution in order to use it. Currently, if we download an asset directly from the site, edit it in Blender, and then try to import it manually into Effect House, it won’t add an attribution as it has no idea that we didn’t create the model ourselves meaning that we can’t use it or do that since the original creator won’t have any type of attribution. Thus, this feature could be very useful and allow creators to create even more diverse, personalized effects along with making their workflow faster as we wouldn’t always have to design from scratch if we wanted something more specific or slightly altered from the ones that are shared.

It would also be very useful when multiple creators collaborate on a project, or even if you might want to add an attribution to a creator that inspired you or suggested the idea for the project.