Autofill & Updated Feedback/Contact Page?

I think I might have suggested this in more detail back in the old feedback forum that used to be in Effect House Discord, but I believe it could be useful both for creators and the Effect House team if the site’s feedback area (TikTok Effect House) had a few adjustments!

  • Ability to attach more than one file in a feedback ticket. Right now it’s not currently possibly attach more than one file, which makes it difficult if you’re attempting to report a bug as creators can’t attach both a project file and an image/video.

  • Autofill user’s info. Since we’re already signed into our tiktok/effect house account on the site, it would be really cool if there was some type of autofill feature or option that we could choose for it to always keep our usernames, email, etc. saved so we didn’t have to re-enter it every time.

  • Areas to add more info? I’ve been having a bug where I can’t submit support tickets through Effect House, and although I know that including extra info such as what version of windows & effect house I’m running, some of my laptop specs such as processor type, graphics, etc. can aid the team in finding the bugs faster, a lot of other creators likely don’t realize or even know. The feedback area on the site also doesn’t really have any other areas to add info other than the message, so I think it might be useful if there was at least an area requiring creators to add in what version of effect house there’s using.

  • Maybe like some type of notice or something that’s located below the contact area where the team could add in already known bugs/issues that are currently being worked on? I remember seeing it being posted in the Discord a few different times on certain bugs, but as not all creators are part of the Discord, it could be helpful to reduce duplicated messages on issues that are already being fixed.

I think I had a few more ideas but that’s all I can think of for now. I’ll try to add any extras when I remember them. These were just some ideas that I thought might be cool!