Face Binding Mesh Problem


I tried to make a Face Deform filter with face binding mesh. Note that I’ve already made this sort of filter with no problem until today.
When I try to import my custom face binding mesh (fbx) I get an error that displays the following text: “Import fail. Please import the 3D face shape mesh”

My problem is that when you generate a 3D face, Effect House used to automatically create a 3D Face shape, but now it does not.

Please help! :frowning:

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This is because they changed 3D Face mesh in new version , to make it more accurately conforms to the face , just wait until the 3D Model Assist is uploaded to the site.

im having the same problem! It used to be so easy to import 3d face objects but I can’t now :frowning:

It’s now December, and I’m a new user of the Effect House version 3.5.0. All tutorials and templates still point to .fbx files that produce the error message: “Import fail. Please import the 3D face shape mesh”. It’s extremely confusing and really should be fixed ASAP in the examples. I would really appreciate a link to any file that can be actually imported as a 3D Face Binding Mesh. Can anybody help?

Answering to my own question, because somebody might come here later to search the answer. You can find a working 3D Face Binding Mesh here:

face_morph_big_eyes.fbx works as is - and it can be imported, edited, and exported using Blender.

Hope this helps somebody!