Wrapping a 2D image around the top of the head

Does anyone have any experience wrapping a 2D image around the top of the head? Ideally, I’d like to combine this effect with the hair eraser generative effect, but I’m struggling to get it just right.

Some things I’ve tried:

  • Putting the 2D image as a texture on a 3D sphere and using head tracking
  • Face Sticker
  • Face Mask

Most of these either end up with texture positioning issues or it doesn’t quite end up with the desired effect of it wrapping around the head.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @DanSchenker! I think I understand what you’re asking but want to ensure I do before diving in. Are you able to share a sketch by any chance?

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Yeah for sure! Here’s an example from Google:

Basically, I’d like to be able to remove hair (resulting in a bald head) then place an image that goes on top of the head, not just on the forehead (like a sticker)

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@DanSchenker I understand now, thanks. I’m not sure you will able to achieve this seamlessly. In my opinion, your best bet would be to make a scalp-shaped mesh and apply a texture with transparencies to that. As the Hair Eraser shape will be different for every user, there’s no way to make it perfectly align with each head.


I used the scalp around the skull