Where did 2D face sticker go?

Hi there folks,

In this video below, Mingus uses a 2D face sticker, but I can’t get that on my version of effect house. Does it still exist? I have to use a 3D sticker with vec3 output and it gets converted, which might not be ideal.


The 2D system of Effect House changed a few updates ago, so now the Face Sticker component has been deprecated. I’d suggest to try adding the face binding component onto a screen image, and then parent it to another screen image without face binding. (I.e. so the child screen image has no face binding component and the parent screen image does have it). That’s what I normally use when trying to recreate the same look. No need for any code or much technical interference when done that way and it works practically the same. The Look At component is also a solution (as that’s what’s used in the Randomizer Effect House template from 2.1 onwards), but it doesn’t turn/rotate with the user’s head. Those would be the best solutions I could give if you’re trying to replicate 2D Face Sticker. Regarding the converting part, you could also try using the Split and Combine nodes instead of Convert. Before I figured out you could just use a parent object with face binding, I also used a similar workaround with code. First, I “got” the XYZ values from another object with Face Binding applied, then split its values, used combine to fit them back together in whatever form I wanted, and then used that as the input value for whatever object I set. Either idea might now give 100% the exact same results, but hopefully, they’re close enough to what you’re looking for! :smiley_cat:


You’re a star, thank you for the generously detailed answer :slight_smile: I’ll have another go at this

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