Why CUTOUT ON option is missing in Segmentation Texture?

I’m trying to create a shadow effect like Rainbow Shadow. But I noticed there is no Cutout On option in Inspector when I create Portrait Segmentation Texture. Does anyone konw how to fix it?

Hi @HarrisonWu! Where are you seeing “Cutout On” referenced in this document?

Hi @Mingus! “Cutout On” is not shown in the document, but you can find it in the application. The pathway of this texture is “RainbowShadowAssets/SegmentationTextures/SegmentationTextures.”.

Is there any way I can share the image with you? I cannot reply with images. Thank!

Hi! Please try sending an image again :pray:

Here is the Segmentation Textures with “Cutout On” option.

The Segmentation Texture I created doesn’t have “Cutout Out” option. Btw I’m using V3.9.3 on MacOS.