Remove background from imported textures

Team effect house please Create a feature for remove background of picture that will be very useful feature for all effects creator please all effect creators comment on this posts for approval or vote I need all of you.

Hey @AsifmehmoodBajwa01! Can you please elaborate? Are you asking for a feature to isolate a person in an imported texture?

@Mingus i am asking to you i need a feature that can remove picutre background. for example in capcut we can remove picture background of any picture not remove any face or boudy parts.

Would this be for an imported texture? We currently offer Portrait Segmentation for the camera texture.

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@Mingus sir Listen to me if we can add (user media texture) and use full picture with all objects. same as if we use any material like user media texture or any other which you will be make for us i will see my picture not background. like we are using portrait for video. this will be very useful for us. please make this it is my humble request

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Is your request the same as this?

Use “GAN” or “Segmentation” to User Media

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this picture for portrait but i need in picture farm

What is a “picture farm”? @hirostudiocom’s request is to remove the background from User Media Textures.

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@Mingus if i use user media texture for add picture. so create a feature that can be remove picture background that used in user media texture. you can create user media texture for removel of picture background. in this way if i add background animation and then i add a picture without background by using new feature user media taxture without background be very useful and entertainment lot of people will use this feature.

I agree! It sounds the same as Hiroyuki’s request.


@Mingus haha Thank you sir for your respect for your kind you are so good person :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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