Victory sign trigger

Hi. I just have a quick question here. regarding the victory sign visual scripting trigger. I was trying to do a filter which should show when doing a victory sign but what I can only do on my end is the other way around, when doing the victory sign the background is going not visible.

tried to make it the other way around checked the box “show/hide” but seems like the other way around is not working.

how can I make the filter from the real world setting going to the background I created after doing a victory sign?

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Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 3.58.20 PM

From what I understand, this might be a solution. This setup will show an object when the peace sign is detected, then hide it when the peace sign is no longer detected.


If the issue is not toggling the visibility of the object on AND off like Eddy shows, but rather, the background will disappear when set visibility is set to off, but won’t appear with the gesture when ‘visibility on’ is checked.
The first thing to look at: Is your background object set to ‘visibility on’ or ‘off’ in the objects panel?

If it has a check by it, then it is on by default from the start of the effect. So you could then tell it to turn off, but if you are using the ‘Set Visibility’ node to tell it to ‘Turn on’ again, it doesn’t actually change the state of the object.

If these answers haven’t solved your question, post a screen grab or screen recording with your graph so we can maybe help diagnose better.