Need Help with Effect House Template "This or That"

Hi everyone,

I’m using Effect House (3.6.2) to create a filter with the “This or That” template. My goal is to retain the first choice made and compare it with subsequent choices until a new choice is made.

For example, if the initial choice is A, I want this choice to be compared with the following options (Y, Z, etc.) until a different choice is made. Once a new choice is made, I want to retain and compare it with the subsequent choices.

Could anyone help me with the programming logic needed to achieve this in Effect House? Any suggestions or code examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Modifying this template to do what you want to do is not a trivial task, you’ll need to dig into some of the subgraphs and change how some of the top level parts are working. The first step I would try is changing the lists (Right answers and Left answers) so that you just have one list of icons. It sounds like in your proposed idea you don’t need any of the textures to be specifically on the left or right compared against each other, so one list will make it easier to cycle through all of them. Next You’ll find the Setup Next Question subgraph and edit that so that it only updates either the left or the right depending on which side was just chosen. Currently you’ll see the subgraph updates both no matter what and each pulls from it’s own list, you just need to change it so that they pull from one list and only change one at a time.
Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your response. Indeed, it is not easy for a beginner. I will try by following your instructions.
I have a question: can I use the logic of “HeadTilt” for rotations without putting the textures in the “Head Tracker”? Because I don’t want the textures to follow the movement of the head. I prefer them to remain fixed and only move with the head movement…

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