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Hello everyone! Welcome to Versatile Variables!!
Today, we will be teaching you how to create a “Find the Odd One” effect!!

Before watching the live episode, make sure you watch this video!

Watch the full live here:

Download the project files here
VariableDemo.zip (2.4 MB)


I took the Demo and added a timer and some sound effects, changed the donuts to wires and made it a find the wire game. If the timer runs out it ends. Also added a level display. I tried using the larger grids but it was hard to tip on my phone so I stayed with larger images. I am a beginner so there are probably some mistakes. You can download and try out a demo File here


I used what I learned in the Live Course to create a new variable that changes colors, and used it to develop a game that requires players to identify the different color. I found the course very helpful in learning how to string variables like this. Without it, I would not have been able to understand the process. I really love how it turned out!

Color Test Game on TikTok you can play here!!!


my version
Untitled.zip (2.4 MB)

I Made a math Quiz Using This Template
Find Correct Answer
i dont know visaul scripting just learn from Crash Course and Made some changes In template
Math Quiz you can play here!!!


Hi everyone,

Different from the demo, I created a new game effect with a similar approach like using variables and a grid called Find Color. In this game, There are timer and consist of three levels.

You as the user have to find the correct color based on the text on the screen.