Recording test button position

It is not possible to test “Recording Start” and “FYP UI” at the same time.

The start recording button should be off-screen.

TikTok does not offer a built-in feature that allows you to record the test button position on the screen. TikTok primarily focuses on recording and sharing short video content, and it doesn’t include tools for screen recording or capturing interactions with the app’s interface.

If you want to demonstrate or record interactions with the test button on your device’s screen, you may need to use a third-party screen recording app or software. Many smartphones have built-in screen recording features, but if your device doesn’t, you can explore screen recording apps available on your device’s app store or use screen recording software on your computer.

I think its location should stay as it is so that we do not have the illusion that this place is empty. We should avoid placing buttons or anything in this position because, when the user records the screen, the record button will take this space.

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Yes, in the case of “TikTok Camera Mode”, the Rec button can remain in its current location.

However, in the case of “TikTok For You Page Mode” and “Hide UI Mode”, I want to try “On Start” of Video Record immediately, so I want a Rec button somewhere.

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