Add ability to have UI layer that is not visible in the final recorded video (non-visible active UI option)

Interactive effects are getting more and more popular, games and all… but yet we still have to work around the screen to think where to put buttons and stuff for them to not be intrusive on the picture but also to not look weird when video posted ( which cuts even more of the corners). I’ve resorted to either make the main view 0.8x of the screen so people can zoom in if they want and have a clear picture after use. For games i get the UI to be there but for editing type effects which is most of what i do the purpose mostly is to have the UI, use it to customise the effect and that’s it, buttons do not need to be there in the final video. It takes a lot of the screen trying to fit buttons, and make them not too small to interact with comfortably but also not too big to not obstruct the picture. I’ve tried different aproaches to hide the UI and pop it up when needed but those are stancked interactions which you can’t even alert the user fully about since we only get one line of not even customisable preset "Hint"s to put for the effect.

I am suggesting this because i have explored the tiktok effect library within the app and many official tiktok effects have interaction layers that are visible while recording but when the final video is rendered out this layer is not included in it so people can interact without obstructing the view. As in my other post i ask, why useful features like these that have been used by the official internal effect creators for a long long time have not been made available to general creators?