Problem configuring taxes


I have a problem with setting up fees to apply for effect maker rewards !
All the parameters are ok (I am over 18 years old, I am French, I have more than 50,000 users of my items, I have entered a payment method) but I cannot validate the tax information!

when I validate a message appears: sorry, a problem has occurred, please try again later.

I’ve been trying for several days and it still doesn’t work! Someone help me please

Hi, it is better that you contact support here:

TikTok Effect House


hello it’s been 5 days since I contacted them and still no response do you know if they are responsive?

Try to wait a little longer, unfortunately many users complain about the non-responsiveness of the team. They always delay and sometimes there is no answer. They will have thousands of feedbacks to review. If they don’t respond, I suggest you send new feedback.

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My payment on 9.15 has not been given to me yet. It is being processed. I have not received any reply from my contacts. I have not received any valid message. There is a delay or other reasons.