New Reward System: Effect House Invites

Hello everyone! I had this cool idea in mind, which i wanna propose to the effect house team.
As we all know, effect house is a great software to create awesome tiktok effects. But i feel like there could be an awesome way for more people to start using this software.

Introducing… Effect House Creator Invites
Using this system, An effect house creator can generate a custom link (example: effecthouse .com/invite/EH_max).
They could add this to their linktree or bio for example. Then when someone uses this link and downloads effect house and logs in with their account. They will get a “credit” or a “token”.
At a certain amount of tokens, you will be able to claim specific items.
Examples of these items are:

Effect House swag
Effect House wallpapers
Tiktok Handles (like the “top effect creators” ones seen on many profiles)

I think this would be an awesome way to encourage creators to promote the effect house software, and for people to start creating effects and dive into the effect AR metaverse.

Thank you for your time to read this, make sure to vote if you like this idea!

I totally agree that Effect House referral invitations can be reward.

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