More Specific Email Replies When Reporting Bugs

A lot of times, after submitting an Effect House bug report, I often get an email replying back to it asking for more info or more specific details about my issue, but the emails are normally very generic and don’t mention anything about what my bug was nor do they show titles/text that were in my message when I reported the bug. Due to this, I find myself often forgetting what the bug even was by the time I get the email, especially if I submitted multiple bug requests during the same period of time and ultimately, I’ll end up not replying to the emails.
(picture shows one of the generic email replies)

It may be a bit difficult to integrate and/or a bit more time consuming for the team, but I believe that it could be very helpful and encourage more creators to give even more details about bugs if there was some type of part in the emails that mentioned about what type of bug you said you were having in the original bug report, or even a preview of what you previously sent.