Memory warning-crash-corrupt project

Hello again,
so twice while using effect the Effect House beta i got a memory warning from my mac both times i was playing with the particle collision feature
this happened again but it locked up my mac and i had to hard reset it (power off)

effect house recovered my project and i did some more work on it when i came to save my project (save as >desktop)
i hit save when it had finished saving the project it was like the assets got deleted and the images etc went pink like the do when the asset is missing

so now when i open the saved project all the assets are missing and the auto-save from effect house has been deleted

as you can see from the image the file size is lower after the save as (hope this makes sense)

I’m using a
-Apple mac m1 pro
-16gb memory
-mac os Monterey 12.5.1

Sorry @4DEE that your project corrupted.
I’ll ask around today to see if we have any ideas on how to fix/prevent this from happening in the future.

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Hey @4DEE,
Would you be able to get reproduction steps and a copy of the project?

We will have to dig deeper into the project to understand what could have caused the crash.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing on the forum, We can talk with @Mingus about how we can send the package directly.

i not sure i can replicate the problem with that project but I’m building effects every day so if it happens again ill record it and contact you ASAP with the file no problem

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