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Hello everyone! Welcome to Master Tips from @jonothan !

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You can watch today’s live here:

Download the files here:
dvd_challenge_1.zip (157.2 KB)
draw_a_circle_2.zip (323.4 KB)


Here is me using Jono’s effect XD

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if you know you know

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I had fun playing Jonothan’s DVD Logo effect game today.


Couldn’t download Jonothans original effect but to still participate I added his DVD Video to one of my Neon Bunny Effects. Hope that works. Great Lesson as always. Keep up the good work.

After watching the full course video, all I can say is “Great job, @jonothan!” Your explanation today was fantastic. The material was clear and engaging, even the tricky bits. You explained things so well, and your energy made the course fun. Teaching two effects in one video is amazing! Thanks for being such a great mentor!

Btw I just modified Jonothan’s effect and here’s the effect link


Thanks! It was so much fun, I’m thinking of streaming the dev process of effects I make!