I have problems withdrawing my payments. since I'm from Colombia

Hello, friends, let me introduce myself, my name is Jahir Sotomayor, I am from Colombia and an effects creator for Effect House.
I am grateful to Effect House and TikTok since they have given me the opportunity and the joy of working with them because I found a light in my darkness since I was not currently working and thanks to that I can survive since I began to monetize my filters in the Effect House and TikTok platform.
But lately I have had a problem on the platform for withdrawing my income due to filters, I understand that in Latin America and especially in Colombia TikTok does not pay. Then I found a way to request my income through the Japan region since in Japan it did allow me to deposit in my PayPal account and unfortunately PayPal is not accepted in Japan and I have had problems receiving my income.
I contacted Effect House and TikTok support and they told me that unfortunately they cannot help me since the change of region is not authorized, so I put in effort all the time.
They told me that they cannot change my current region, which is Colombia and everything will be lost or what I have achieved and I am sad about this news and I think that many of us get into the role of getting ahead through this platform, I hope you will help me.
If any of the Effect House administrators or acquaintances in the TikTok field could move me back to my region of Colombia so I can continue creating more filters for you and continue with joy, effort and dedication to working with you, thank you very much for your attention.

Hi @Jahir_Sotomayor_FT! For this issue, please reach out using our support form: TikTok Effect House

Hi @Mingus Yes, I already connected with the support people and unfortunately they told me that I couldn’t do anything since it got out of hand and I had to create an account from the beginning to start over :sob:

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