I can not see the bottom (the full) page of the Effect House website on my laptop screen

I have a problem with the appearance of Effect House website on my laptop screen. I can not see the whole page of the website, I can not reach the bottom page of the website as I do not see the up and down scroll tab nor a tab to make the page full screen (a tab that is usually on the upper right corner of the screen next to the X tab).

I use Windows 11 and 64 bit. The Effect House version is

Please kindly advise me what to do to be able to see the whole page of the Effect House website.

I still have this issue in the landing page ! I can’t see the whole template’s page and can not scroll! using windows as well

Hi @SparkleSnap and @Monsieur_Ganga! Are you able to share a screenshot of what you’re referencing?

I’m glad I saw this post. It was driving me crazy. I haven’t found a fix yet, but at the very least I’m not alone.

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It is lacking the typical Windows app “Maximize, Minimize and Restore” buttons.

I’m guessing that EH runs on Mac too, and the Mac window interface has much the same thing, but in pretty colored dots instead of Window’s icons.

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If you are referring to the home screen (with templates), there is no way to change this window’s size. Once you open a project, you should be able to change the window size.

The issue seems fixed today, even though no known update happened.

I should have mentioned the project screen having the problem, the home screen is fixed in size as you noted.

I am having the same issue, on the main screen there is no windows accessibility buttons and when in the create project it goes beyond both sides of the screen as well as below. There is no way to minimize or shrink the application that I have found so far.