I am not able to use my own filter

Hi Community,

I am not able to use my own filter in tiktok. I am facing a dialogu with “Unavailable effect. This effect is not available in your region.”

I would expect to be able to use my effect as a creator at least to create a short video to show how to use the effect or to share the effect.

What should I do to be able to view my effect details in tiktok?

Hi @aliman_paloha! For this issue, please reach out to our support team: TikTok Effect House


저도 이래요 되는건 되고, 거의 안되요
문의해도 안되고
근데 다른 핸드폰으로 로그인해서 하면 또 되요
핸드폰 문제일수도 있어요

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:sleepy:I have already written many times to different places (total ignorance. no response…

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