How to separate face and put any where in screen

How to separate the face and put it anywhere on the screen

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Hi @Shomudraa!

If you would like a 2D face I would suggest using Head Segmentation.

  • β€˜+’ β†’ Segmentation β†’ Portrait Segmentation.
  • In the asset panel, create a Head Segmentation Texture via: β€˜+’ β†’ Texture β†’ Segmentation Texture β†’ Head
  • Select the Portrait object
  • Replace the Portrait Segmentation Texture with the Head Segmentation

Or if you would like a 3D face you could use the β€˜3D Face’ object:

  • β€˜+’ β†’ Face Effects β†’ 3D Face
  • Turn off 3D Face Binding in the Inspector panel.
  • Select the Face mesh in your asset panel, and create a Face Texture.
  • Select the Face Paint material in your asset panel, and change the Default Texture to your new Face Texture.

Feel free to check out these links:

Hope that helps :blush:

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