How to rotate particles? Particles not showing in QR test effect

Sorry if this is simple, but how can we set the rotation/spin etc of particles? On another note when I try to test my effect in tiktok via QR the particles don’t seem to appear! I updated tt to the most recent version of the app

@Alexis There is a Set Angle block node that you can add to Update.

What version of TikTok did you update to (found at the bottom of ‘Settings & privacy’)?

Mingus why are you working on the weekend!!!

v33.1.0 - and I do not have a set spin node that I can see…weird! But i can set the angle and that gets done what I want it to!

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Can you check the app store/google play store to see if there is an update available.
Is it an iPhone?

yes! I had to force reload and tiktok had two updates in a row - that solved it!!

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@Alexis I made a mistake - it’s called Set Angle :grimacing: