Gold badge monthly mission

Everyone, let me ask the friends who have gold badges in the friends app. Is there any? I’m not there yet, I’m quite sad. Yesterday in April I was able to send 5 effects. Monthly missions are very helpful in paying electricity and wifi. Sir @Mingus this month there is a monthly mission for the Gold badge?

This month only have monthly mission for top creator diamond/platinum

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It’s really unfair, because creating effects costs money Sir @Baig_Editor @Mingus

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just wait this mission not remove permantly
in summer came new mission more reward They are working on it thats why this month no mission

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I’m quite sad, studying becomes less focused, the effects take a long time and cost quite a lot. My time is wasted. I am very good at making animations and 3D models. I serve Tiktok to create super cool effects. But you don’t appreciate me and never answer my questions @Baig_Editor sir @Mingus

my platanium account was flaged i don’t know why :disappointed_relieved: