Effect Counting Issue: Monthly mission TikTok

Hey, hope you’re doing well! I’ve noticed a surge in the usage of 3 of my effects, with over 5000 videos and counting. However, I’ve observed that they aren’t being counted towards the monthly mission for eligible effects. Could you please look into this matter and help me understand why? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

Hi @happylife_funny! For this issue, please reach out using our Support form: TikTok Effect House

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Thank you, sir. I have sent more than 6 messages and they have not responded to me yet. I am afraid that the month will end without taking into account the effects in the monthly mission.

We have recently made changes to our support system. When did you send your last message to us?

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Thank you sir, I sent the last message on feedback effect house windows apps

@Mingus Please, sir, help me. I still have the same problem and the monthly task. The month is coming to an end. I have not received any response from support