EH Preview window advancement

To fix:

  • Resolution changes + pausing effect (whilst the video behind still plays) AFTER using the ‘Create icon’

  • Effect won’t play if camera is switched to from a paused state when using stock videos (pause stock video → switch to camera feed → fail to unpause effect despite video feed still playing)

  • Hard to reproduce, but sometimes effects restart when preview video loops

New feature requests:

  • Either allow for pausing live webcam feed (pause would freeze on the latest frame, resume would re-enable the camera)

  • OR grey out the pause button when in webcam mode

  • Allow holding of ALT / CONTROL for multi-finger gestures whilst testing e.g. holding ALT whilst dragging up from the center of the preview would be a zoom — and to make this visually obvious…

  • Show interaction feedback e.g. circle whilst clicking / dragging

  • Show accurate UI / safe areas — as the current UI overlay doesn’t reflect common app UI sizing (even though multiple phone models are provided)

  • Record button does impact the Recording node (yay for this!) but doesn’t impact the Utility → Enable for component (boo!)

  • When adding own media to preview, please make the resolution rules clear immediately OR convert the resolution (understand this is harder — but remember most people record higher res video!)

  • Remember the camera selection between EH sessions! e.g. for those who use OBS, it is chosen by default!