Effect House Community Forum on the phone

I asked other creators why we need to have an app for Effect House on our phones that can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android. Here are the reasons why we believe this is for the best:

  1. Using the forum on the phone is very difficult, why? Most of the time, when we are away from our PC, we are going to use Discord, and, for example, some users are sharing a feature request link with us to vote, or me as a creator, I want to vote, but it’s a very difficult process to do it from the web on the phone, it requires us to login to our TikTok account every time, and having 2Fac enabled adds a code every time we are trying to login to the forum.

  2. Another would be that we think features like chat would also be used more often! It’s difficult to chat on there and be expected to reply if you have no notifications that someone replied, so obviously most are likely going to try to chat another way or transition to another app for chatting and just use it as a bouncing off point, not a permanent method of creator-to-creator or client-to-creator communication.

  3. We believe there’s more reasons that can help us make this forum active if we have it as app in our phones!

Thank you!