Requesting REST request capabilities to interact with outside servers

Requesting REST request capabilities to interact with outside servers. Given what’s possible on Twitch and Streamlabs, it seems like a no-brainer for at least the Live platform. Exciting to think about it on videos as well.

Q: What if your effect gets really popular and get 100M opens in a day? Your api host would either get DDoSed or send you a big bill

A: #GOALS. It’s a great question and a good point. Would require gatekeeping in the workflow.

  1. (No extra work required by TikTok) Connect with the server to enable it. Perhaps there is a free or paid version, per that developer’s model. This should be a natural first step
  2. (Further expansion on TikTok’s part) Easy to imagine TikTok allowing effects to be monetized in-app. Since they are building out TikTok Shop it’s not a stretch

Bet both of these first thoughts are on a backlog somewhere. Already plenty of precedent with platforms like Streamlabs OBS, Alexa, Shopify, Google, Apple, Microsoft, ChatGPT :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Getting paid seems like a natural step for TikTok if real innovation and investment is going to happen with Effect House. Got to be in the plans already :thinking::sparkles:

Link to original discussion on the Effect House discord server:

Thank you! This is the future of TikTok Effect House :dart:

Received a nice response from Greg (EH community manager) on Discord:

Hey :wave: I think you are suggesting something a bit different (I love the feature idea!) but we do have multiple ways to monetize your effects on TikTok.

You can get paid a small cash prize each month ($10-$30) from our Monthly Mission depending on how your effects perform: Monthly Mission | TikTok Effect House

And for effects that perform especially well, you can earn payouts of up to $14,000 per effect / $50,000 per month with our creator fund, Effect Creator Rewards: TikTok Effect House

There are already creators who are maxing out the $50,000 monthly payouts :partying_face:

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My reply to Greg on discord:

That’s definitely cool and inspiring! I appreciate the information. It’s clear that you’re informing me about these opportunities, rather than suggesting they’re direct alternatives to my proposal.

I believe a monetization platform enabling effect purchases could more effectively reward the entire creator ecosystem, much like how a strong middle class supports the overall economy. An effect might not rank in TikTok’s top 10 but could still hold significant value for a wide or niche audience. This approach would complement the current rewards program well.

Relying solely on TikTok’s rewards program leaves us at risk of potential changes in the future. In contrast, a direct purchasing system provides a more transparent and stable source of income for creators. This model not only benefits a broader range of creators but also ensures a more predictable and equitable revenue stream.

Ultimately the primary request is ability to communicate with outside servers. This would integrate TikTok with the internet itself, including its economy.

Opened a feature request here as well ((link to this thread on EH forum))