Effect House 2.6.0

Effect House v2.6.0 is finally here! Don’t blink, or you might miss all of the exciting new features in this release like Wink, Slow Blink, and Side Eye dynamic generative effects! :wink:

2.6.0 will be gradually rolling out to all users.

New Features

  • Add a Face Fusion object to morph your face with a texture’s face.

  • Added 6 new Generative Effects objects that modify the facial expression:

    • Pout

    • Big Smile

    • Slanted Smile

    • Mouth Closed

    • Thrilled

    • Yell

  • Added 3 new dynamic Generative Effects objects that animate the facial features:

    • Wink

    • Slow Blink

    • Side Eye

  • Use the new Activity Center on the Effect House home screen to discover and participate in active Effect House Challenges and Missions.

New Template

Create your own AI style effect with Art Maker. Add a text prompt to transform the user’s image into a new style of your choice.


  • Components in the Inspector panel have tooltips to provide context and links to learning resources.

To see the full list of new features, updates, and bug fixes, check out the release notes.