🔴 Debugging Diaries

Hello everyone! Welcome to Debugging Diaries!

See the Live here:


Now after completing the Debugging Diaries Lesson I have learned to peek values so I can just see the numbers. This helps me work on a old Pinball project. Thanks for the great Lessons. Have a great Week everyone :o)


From today’s learning, I’ve learned a huge things such as:

  • :white_check_mark: Testing your visual script as you go is crucial to catch bugs early on and save time in the long run.
  • :jigsaw: Breaking down your notes into small modules and testing each part individually can help locate the source of the bug more efficiently.
  • :alarm_clock: Understanding execution order is essential, and using subgraphs like “Wait for Seconds” can help control timing and sequencing in your effects.
  • :iphone: Testing on different devices and optimizing UI is important to ensure your effect works well for all users.
  • :rocket: Performance optimization is vital to avoid rejections, so be mindful of asset size, avoid excessive effects, and follow technical optimization guidelines.

Some of Qinyu’s approaches has already been implemented by me in some of my projects like using ‘do once’, ‘wait for seconds’, and ‘peek’ (this one is a life saver).

Here’s my implementation by using ‘do once’ when I start a game effect, so the user won’t tap screen continuously

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I managed to finish my version by adding a timer and some startup and game over screens that I made myself supported with artificial intelligence. I also did a resizing of the icons.

This is the game: