Both my effects have been taken down

hey, both my effects have been taken down today they got approved and have been live for 3 days with lots of posts i don’t get it :man_shrugging:t4:
-Drop The b**b by@4deeuk

  • Missile Strike by @4deeuk

I’m not sure, but based on the content of those effects I’m guessing they were removed for Community guidelines issues related to violence.

From TikTok guidelines: “Content is ineligible for the FYF if it shows fictional violence.”

My unsolicited advice is to avoid themes of war and violence.
I spent a record (for me) amount of time on a physics based UFO shooter, and I was so worried about the violence issue, I tried to make it funny and changed it into catapulting cats at the attacking UFO’s.

I still feel like the content went against TikTok’s violence policy and was ineligible to appear on the FYF because despite how much effort went into it, and being (IMO) very replayable, it has some of the worst stats of any effect I’ve ever built.

If you change it to “Drop the cat” and “Feline Strike” I would guess they will probably stay up, but won’t show up on the FYF or get much engagement.

thanks for the reply yeah spoke with them i get it just very annoying :rofl: thanks again

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