An option to organize/re-order variables?

I believe it would be really useful if we had an option to organize or somehow re-order the order that our variables are in.

It’s not really an issue for a simple project, but when working on a game that you need multiple variables used in multiple subgraphs and your variables start going over 20 or 50 + you didn’t create them in order due to testing/or adding on to a project, having so many can start to get a bit confusing. I’ve been trying to use array variables more to solve this problem, but sometimes it’s still just a bit too much, so I believe that an option to reorder them would help a lot! Maybe there could just be something like a small button we can click, a way to press and hold, or even a keyboard combination that we could press?

Just another idea that I thought of while working! :smiley_cat: