Ability to Put Variables In Folders & a Search bar for Variables

I think it would be very helpful if we had the ability to organize variables into folders, almost like how we can organize assets or objects in the hierarchy tab. This would be extremely useful when working on very advanced technical projects as it gets difficult and time-consuming when there is 100 or 200 variables in your project and you have to constantly scroll though all of them every time just to get to the latest variable that was added. Keeping some variables isolated to one subgraph can help, but it’s not very feasible when you need to use the same variables multiple times throughout different areas of a project. Thus, having the ability to put variables in folders would very much solve this problem and likely aid in allowing for even more advanced projects to be created in Effect House.

It would also be great if we had a search bar for the variables tab. It would make it a lot more easier and save a lot of time if we could type in the name of a variable without having to manually scroll through everything and look for it while working.

Another thing that would be nice too is if either the variables tab was moved a over a bit (i.e. how it is now, you constantly have to close it down ever time you want to get out of a subgraph and return to the main or parent subgraph, OR if where you’re currently at in the variables tab stay when you closed/opened it. By this, I’m referring to how if you’re scrolled down to the bottom of the list of variables, close the tab down, then open it back up, you’re back at the top of the list again (e.g. where first variables you created in the project are) and have to re-scroll down to the bottom of the list to return to the latest variables you’ve created which are often times the ones you’re mainly working with.

This image is just kind of an idea of how the layout could look like with a search bar and folder added:

These two images are demonstrating how the variables tab blocks the tab to click back to previous subgraphs. First image is with it open, second is with it closed. As you can see, it currently makes jumping back and forth between different subgraphs while using variables a bit more tedious.

I voted for both suggestions but… the variables panel blocking the link back to Main graph is such a little thing to fix but such a big pain having to always close the panel that it should be top priority!

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