Allow higher than 1024x1024 res animation sequences

Currently the highest resolution of sequence you can import seems to be 1024x1024. PLEASE allow for high enough res that we can upload at least full-screen sized animation sequences? It would open the door to so many new filters, especially for animators and artists!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I’d love to get a better understanding of what kind of effects higher resolution animation sequences could enable?

Currently, if you have art or an animation sequence that fills the whole screen, the art is inevitably grainy and pixelated because of the resolution restriction. This makes it WAY less attractive for people to use these low-quality filters.

It would be super fun to have nice, high res art so that we could make filters that allow people to insert themselves into a cartoon world. For reference, I’m working on a filter called “My Greatest Treasure” --there is a live draft if you want to see what I mean. Thanks for your time! : )

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