Add "String" to Add or Combine

Variable 0 is "X is "

Variable 1 is “12.34.”

I want to combine the two to create the string “X is 12.34.”

Please add “String Mode” to Add and Combine.

Oh… didn’t realize we can’t do that! Yes, support to have this to be added.


I’ve rarely used Strings until now.
(Perhaps I can do it…)

Text is supported in v3.0.0, so Node is missing.
I want Excel-like functions such as Int, Split, Left, Right.

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I would really like to have this… especially when you are showing a percentage, it would be nice to be able to combine an int (e.g. 12.34) and then the string “%” together into a single set.

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yes we must have this

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agree! this is a must

Added six string nodes in the Visual Scripting panel: String Info, Get Character, Append Strings, Split String, Substring, and Replace Substring

Added in v3.7.0, thanks!
(Please close this thread, @Mingus)