Would anybody tell me how to count "wink"?

Hi guys, I hope you all have a wonderful creative day.
I’ve been struggling with counting issues… :thinking:
I want to count eye wink so I used “Blink Eye(Right)” or “Blink Eye(Left)” or “Blink Eye Either” nodes but when I use these nodes, they also count when we blink both eyes. :eyes:

I just want to count eye wink only and I don’t want to make my effect work when users just blink. I hope if there are anybody who know how to solve this problem will help me.

If it can’t be helped, I hope EH will fix this issue or add new node “Eye Wink(except Eye Blink Both)”.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

I would setup 2 functions, one for each eye. You can either use a variable, or just uave it increase by one for each blink