Version control and Undo/Redo History

I think it would be extremely useful if we had something like version control for our effect projects. I used to find myself often wanting to revert back to a previous project version because of a mistake or edit that was made and finding it difficult if I forgot to manually save multiple versions of the project to my computer. Maybe sometime like an option in the settings to auto-save every 15 minutes (or whatever amount of time the creator sets) and an option to auto-save a new project file version every hour (or whatever amount of time they set)? I think something like this would be extremely nice, so if the user’s computer or cloud storage doesn’t have enough room for multiple project file versions, or they just don’t want it saving anything, they can set it to not save, but for users who forget, experiment a lot, or often want to switch back to a previous version of their project for some reason, I think would be very useful.

I think it would also be nice if we had an undo-redo history! Almost like how in Blender, you can see your undo history and quickly undo your past 30 actions, if we had a way to quickly undo the past 20 or 30 actions instead of having to constantly click file->undo, file=> undo. Definitely love the way that there’s no limit (that I know of) on how many times you can undo/redo in Effect House, but I think it would also be a really cool feature if there was a way to undo/redo multiple changes a lot faster! :smiley_cat:

Hey, I know this is not exactly what you are looking for but the whole project is text based and you can use git somewhat effectively on it.