Using other files for SDF

:thinking: I was playing around with “Create a Heart Effect Using Signed Distance Fields”. Is there such a place where I could get other files to download to use for SDF?


I have the same question too and searching around what exactly is .vf file. How do we create a .vf file as after searching through YT and google, it seems like is a video file? I tried opening the vf file using photoshop but not able too. any hint @Mingus ?


it’s most likely an old unreal/ unity vector field format Vector Fields without 3rd party apps ? - #2 by xnihil0zer0 - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums then they probably have a specific small view matrix that they use for the array

3D Heart
64 × 56 x 32
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Is there actually a way for us to make them? The forum conversation on vector fields doesnt make much sense to me, some numbers which I assume are plotting points of the shape but no idea on what values make what kind of shape…