Some feature requests for AI Draw

  1. NG Word Check Button
    A button that allows you to immediately check NG Words

  2. No Style
    Simple style not influenced by “Anime Style”

  3. Text Strength
    Allow parameters to be set between 0.0-1.0

  4. Template Image
    Ready-to-use images that don’t need to be uploaded.

  5. AI Draw “Set” “Get”
    Set Text Prompt
    Set Style
    Set Text Strength

  6. AI Draw Nodes
    Because I want an Error callback.
    Also, you can input AI results into Textures and process them before showing them to the user.

I noticed that by totally changing the keywords in the text prompt, this has little effect on the result. I voted the whole thing needs to be revisited.

Yes, I think so too! The influence of “Style” is strong, and the power of Prompt is weak.

(However, I can understand why TikTok is worried that increasing degrees of freedom , AI will make bad pics(Adult, violence, etc))

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