Raycast working on normal camera but not working on AR

hello all. I’m still trying to make shooter mini game. now i’m putting sample asset Ray cast on normal camera and it’s work, but on AR side, I was try it but doesn’t work on AR, i’m still not understand it yet. how can i apply this raycast on AR ?

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Hi Bezaleel_bagoes,

Your technical questions have been answered in our recent office hour session. Watch the response here: Office Hour Video.

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To apply raycasting in an AR-based shooter mini game, follow these precise steps:

  1. Use an AR development framework like AR Foundation, ARKit, or ARCore.
  2. Set up an AR session for tracking and detection.
  3. Cast rays from the AR camera provided by the AR framework.
  4. Ensure your AR objects have colliders for ray interaction.
  5. Handle raycast hits to trigger game interactions.
  6. Visualize raycasts for debugging.
  7. Optimize raycasting for performance.

Understanding your chosen AR framework’s documentation and seeking AR-specific resources is essential for success.