Posibility to edit more than one item at the same time and change material style in the same material

I’m making some effects with physics and I have to edit for example 3 or 5 bones with the same characteristics and I have to go one per one and maybe is a good way to earn time

Also, sometimes I have some 3d that have the same material but have 10 differents elements using that material, so If I want to make a different type material I have to make a new material, and them go one per one to change the material…so if we can change the type of the material directly of the material will be awesome to earn time.

Yes please! I have requested this feature many times.


Yes !! Same goes with images.
I would love if we can select multiple images and edit the compression option instead of doing them one by one !.


This would save so much time! it would also be cool if we could change the layer of multiple items at once.


Yes, this is good for images too. this really would save time and even resources if you are editing the texture or other options of a lot of images at once