I need help with a christmas effect

Hi! I have a client who has asked for this effect:

An animation of a chrismas box slowing opening its lid to reveal an object or a present inside. (The idea is that all of these objects are different depending on who is using the filter.) So a classic reveal moment, but I have no idea where to start in terms of scripting this. Does anyone know any good tutorials or has any inside on how to do this? I have all of the animations and images ready to go.

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Creating an animation of a Christmas box slowly opening its lid to reveal various objects or presents can be achieved through animation software like Adobe After Effects or Blender. Start by importing your animations and images as layers, then use keyframes to animate the lid opening gradually. To make the objects inside customizable, you may need to use scripting or expressions, linking the reveal to user input or variables. While there may not be a specific tutorial for this exact scenario, you can find tutorials on animation and scripting within your chosen software to help you achieve the desired effect. Experimentation and customization will be key to realizing your unique vision.