Facing lot of bugs in latest version of effecthouse 3.7

Hello, i am new here, but i am professional programmer from more than 20 years. I have done masters in computer sciences in year 2001. I love programming infect, programing is my passion. I have created lot of projects in Microsoft Visual Studio but when i knew about effect house if have downloaded and then updated effect house to 3.7 latest version and start creating different effects in base on visual scripting.
Effect house 3.7 is doing good, but after some time it will hang or unable to save projects. Yesterday i was working to create effect of “Tap to change full face makeup tone”. I have started it at morning and end it at night but after completed this project and effect house 3.7 has been hanged and i enable to save this project. i am very disappointed for this glitch in latest version.

Hi @Tasty_Food! I’m sorry to hear that. If you experience a crash, please file a crash report through the Feedback form that appears when you next open the program.

i have done many times, but no response!

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