Effect House "Node Of The Day" or "Node Of The Week"

I believe that I had mentioned this idea in an Effect House live once, but I think it would be really cool if there was some kind of Effect House Node of The Day or Node of The Week, where there’s like a specific node that’s featured, maybe in a certain thread located in Effect House Discord, the Community Forum, or both, and basically use it to encourage creators to try learning and/or using that node in their projects for that day/week.

My original idea was Node Of The Day, but I think that Node of The Week might be a lot more realistic and and easier to maintain as it would give more time to really spotlight it. I think it would also be cool if creators were allowed to post in the Node of The Day topic so they could showcase the effects they’ve worked on that week that used it, ask questions about the node, and possibly help/teach others how to use it! I believe that something like this could also be really useful in encouraging creators to explore different areas in Effect House that they haven’t yet and break boundaries a bit more! :smiley_cat: