Contests without physical prizes that are open for all countries

I was talking with a friend recently, and she was mentioning about how difficult it was since her country is always ineligible in competitions. I’ve also met several other creators (and keep seeing ones) who struggle from this issue as well. Many don’t even really care about winning and just would like the chance to be able to participate in something.

I totally understand how difficult it is on Effect House’s side as competitions with prizes often have to go through a lot of extra legal things but I was thinking, maybe we could also have competitions that don’t have any physical and/or money prizes for them and instead have the prize being like just being displayed on the competition pages, or one of the effect house pages or something? Almost like Effects Of The Week just instead bigger and with a theme and ability for us to choose to submit.

Maybe there could even be just some prizes in the current competitions that are also open to all countries and are simply just that they will get displayed on the competition page, or even by the brand on the brand’s social media.

It might be kind of difficult to implement, but I think these could be some cool ideas to include some of the creators who often feel left out. Even if there was just a few open-to-all competitions/challenges a year, I think many would still love it!

Just another idea that I wanted to share. :smiley_cat:

I love this idea Haley, thanks for sharing!


Yasss I totally support this :face_holding_back_tears: !!


Hello Greg, is there any update regarding this ?.
I love creating filters so much it’s my passion and I have the Platinum badge but I’m not feeling like I’m a part of this community because I’m not able to participate neither in contest nor in missions and of course nor in monetization given that I’m from Lebanon.
I would really love to participate in something even if I don’t get rewards .
I really hope there’s a solution to this or is there anything from my side that can be done ?.

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Hey, thanks for following up. We have launched a few challenges available to creators in Lebanon since this original post, including our Exploding Kittens Challenge. We’ll continue to work on more challenge opportunities for creators in your region!


Thank you so much !!