Ability to Update Effects More Than Once

I would like to see the ability to constantly keep updating effects.

I created a filter and posted it to TikTok.
After a while I added something new to the filter and I updated the filter.
I didn’t realize that the filter contained a bug.
Today I fixed the bug and now I can’t update the filter again.

I have to submit it as a new filter.

That makes no sense.

This is really annoying, especially for people like me who make a lot of mistakes. I don’t want to submit it as a new effect.

Please add the ability to update filters constantly!

Hope to see this soon.


Hey Christian, thanks for this suggestion. We updated the number of updates today thanks to this feature request. You can now update active effects 5 times.

For more information, check out our Submit Your Effect article: https://effecthouse.tiktok.com/submit-your-effect/


Yay! Thank you Jesus! Even though its not infinite, five is better than one. Thank you so much!