How to contact Trustwallet help center by Phone Number

To contact Trust Wallet support, you can follow these steps:

Trust Wallet Phone Number : [+1(805)301-7240]
Official Email
Website: Https://

1.In-App Support: Open the Trust Wallet app on your device.

2.Go to Settings: Look for the settings option within the app.

3.Help & Support: Within the settings menu, there should be an option for Help or Help & Support. Click on it.

4.Contact Support: There should be a way to contact support from within this section. It might be through a contact form, email, or chat feature.

5.Describe Your Issue: When contacting support, be sure to describe your issue or question clearly so they can assist you efficiently.

6.Provide Necessary Details: Sometimes, support might ask for additional information related to your account or the problem you’re facing. Be prepared to provide these details if needed.

If you can’t find a support option within the app, you can also check their official website for contact information or any alternative ways to reach out to them.

How to Recover Old Trust Wallet Account?

If you’ve lost access to your Trust Wallet account, here are steps you can take to try to recover it:

Backup Recovery Phrase (Seed Phrase): If you have previously backed up your Trust Wallet, you should have a recovery phrase (usually 12 or 24 words). This is crucial for restoring your wallet.
1.Open Trust Wallet App: Install the Trust Wallet app on your device if you haven’t already. Open the app.

2.Initiate Restore Process: Look for the option to restore or recover your wallet. It’s usually found in the settings or when you first open the app.

3.Enter Recovery Phrase: You’ll be prompted to enter your recovery phrase in the correct order. Make sure to enter it exactly as it was given to you when you initially set up the wallet.

4.Verify and Set New PIN (if applicable): After entering your recovery phrase, you may be asked to set a new PIN for your wallet.

5.Wait for Restoration: Once you’ve entered the recovery phrase, the app will work on restoring your wallet. This might take a few moments.

6.Access Your Wallet: After the restoration process is complete, you should have access to your old Trust Wallet account with all your funds and transaction history intact.

If you didn’t back up your recovery phrase or encounter any issues during the recovery process, you may need to reach out to Trust Wallet support for further assistance. Make sure to provide any relevant information they may require to help you recover your account.