Hello team effect hosue

hi everyone i am creating lot of effect with effecthosue team and working with them plus my badge is top effect creator after the latest update my account has been freeze due to before this update when i creating effect and published within few day my at least 5th effect reach on 150K+ video with the help of effect monetizer persons new i am creating and people using my effect for monetizing they got lot of likes and views but people not get my effects on trending i think some thing wrong with your system. i submit a tick to tiktok team and then effecthouse feedback page and now requesting to you please check my account to refresh him and resolve the issue that i am faceing mean that my effect using for monizing but not going on trending please check and resolve my issue…
Titkok id @Asifmehmoodarif
email id is asifarif298@gmail.com
latest gaming effect is Playing cards ForYou on TikTok please check and resolve my issue as soon as so i can work with you and complete my top creator monthly mission. due to your system error i did not complete my challenge @Mingus

@Mingus hello sir i am still waiting for your answer from 4 days

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