Can you help me with my Project?

Dear Effect House Community,

I am currently working on a project where I am tasked with implementing the following Instagram/SparkARStudio filter: PS5 Console Covers by playstationde However, I need to adapt it into a TikTok filter using Effect House. As I am relatively new to Effect House, I have encountered two major problems for which I unfortunately cannot find any help on the web or in your learning materials. Therefore, I am reaching out to you in this manner.

Issue - 1:
When touching one of the buttons, the animation should play, transitioning the PS5 from vertical to horizontal mode. Upon a second touch, the animation should play in reverse, returning the PS5 to vertical mode. The problem is that I cannot find a way to play the animation in reverse after importing it with FBX. I first attempted to manipulate the animation using the “Animation Sequence Controller” to achieve my desired result. However, despite having the latest version of Effect House, this node is simply not available to me. (I even downloaded Effect House on another laptop and tested it, but the node was still not accessible, even in an older version of EH - see “AnimationSequenceController.PNG”). Afterward, I tried creating two different versions of the animation in Blender, setting one to play normally and the other in reverse. Despite having two separate animations in the FBX model, both only display the vertical-to-horizontal animation (see “”). However, when I drag the FBX model into Blender, I have both the normal and reverse animations separately, as desired (see “”). Unfortunately, I cannot find a solution to this problem.

Issue - 2:
Similar to the Instagram filter, I want to place the PS5 in the environment only when I tap on the object where I want to place it on the screen. Additionally, I would like to change the AR position of the PS5 with each tap, not just by dragging the PS5 (see “IG-Filter-Tap.mp4”). I have not found a way to enable or initialize the AR plane only after tapping the screen. Furthermore, I have also not found a way to change the position of the PS5 by tapping the screen.

I hope I have explained my problems clearly, and I look forward to a prompt response and solution.

Best regards,
Demir Kupinic