Allow me to answer multiple questions within 3 minutes

This forum is really difficult to utilize. There’s endless questions with few responses. I would like to be able to answer some of these questions but often when I try to respond, I receive a notification telling me I’m responding too quickly. I do not have the patience to wait just to respond to a message. Please come up with the system that doesn’t prevent us from utilizing this forum.

True, waiting to answer is very annoying. Probably the forum is programmed this way because lately there are many spammers

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Thanks for this feedback. Let me chat with the team on a way to make this happen while still keeping spam out.


How about more leniency for established creators? Keep strict & limiting access for people who have never posted an effect, but once you earn a bronze or silver badge, you get unrestricted access in the forum. This will encourage experienced people to be more active in the forum